Tea houses, bars, ice cream parlours, patisseries, restaurants and lokantas, you can all find them in Datca.

If you are strolling in the markets in Datca, you can make a meal out of the free samples of lokkum, dried fruit and nuts that are distributed by the stall owners. Then you can savour the strong smelling, bitter tasting salty old goat cheese. Coming under the category of starters or meze, this cheese is cultured in pots for almost a whole year! But do not miss Mennemen, the ultimate comfort food which is filling, nutritious and tasty. This dish, similar to the omelette or scrambled eggs with chillies and tomatoes, is best eaten with crusty white or pitta bread.

Round it all off with 'dondurma' or Turkish ice cream. They have a texture of their own and are available in some interesting flavours like cinnamon.

The ideal place to find authentic Datca food & cuisine is among the small family run restaurants on the main street of Datca. These restaurants serve a 'sofra' or banquet at very reasonable prices.

In the centre of Datca, starting at Ogretmenevi, is a small beautiful beach where children play in the sand during the day, while some others take a ride in a canoe. During the night, however, this same place turns into a huge restaurant, open to the skies, thanks to some enterprising small restaurateurs and cheerful helpful waiters who set up some makeshift tables and chairs. You can gorge on fresh fish, French fries, salads and beer or raki. It will be a truly unique experience!

Datca is much less involved in tourism than Marmaris, but nightlife in Datca is still happening. So don't expect the same type of disco's and nightclubs we have in Marmaris. Datca is about becoming a new destination for tourists who first of all love quiet and tranquil seashores and crystal clear bays, dreamy villages and a lot of unspoilt nature. You can find all of that in and around Datca. But don't think that it is just a sleepy provincial town. Datca wouldn't be a part of Turkey if you won't be able to find dancings and bars with a variety of music styles, from traditional Turkish dance music and live music to R&B, Jazz, Lounge, Trip- and Hip Hop, R &R, Soul, Electronical Music, Breakbeat, Trance, Dance and so on.....

Above is all about Datca "downtown", ofcourse lots of restaurants you can find outside Datca center. All the little villages on Datca have excellent restaurants. Below you can find all restaurants we recommend on the Island.


Mediterranean kitchen
On the road from Datca to Knidos.

The old olive oil mill in the village of Yaka came to life in the hands of artisans. The stone building which was more than a century old was restored and became a Cafe - Restaurant. We invite you to enjoy our Mediterranean cuisine either inside the cool stone building or in the shades of olive trees in our garden.