Datca Harbour

Annual agricultural calendar at the Datca Peninsula

Jan   --   May                Production of olive oil

March - April                  Collecting "çagla" i.e. green but tasteful and very expensive almonds

March - April -May          Trimming almond- and olive trees.  Manuring the fruit trees.  Honey production.

April - May - June           Collecting fresh herbs like thyme, sage and oregano. Honey-production (*)

August - September       Harvesting  almonds and preparing them for the market by peeling.  Grape harvest.    

September                    Harvesting of fresh laurel-leaves. Peeling almonds for the market.

October-November         Preparing almonds for the market.

November - December    Harvesting of olives and taking them to olive mills for virgin olive production. Pickling olives.

(*) Honey production starts in Datca as early as mid March, continuing through June, then most of the beekeepers move to high mountains in middle Anatolia to collect nectarine for their bees there. After some good rainfall in September beekeepers come back to Datca to have another month or 1½ months for collecting nectarine.